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Summer 1999
Carl P. Spirito, Ph.D.
Deborah Podolin, Ph.D.

Click below on each section to view notes.

Note:  We have tried hard to make the information as informative and complete as possible.

Exam 1
July 20
Section 1
    Syllabi with explanations
    Class Notes for 7/8, 13 & 15 
Exam 2
August 10

Section 2
Syllabi with explanations  
    Syllabi with explanations - Continued  

Section 3
    Syllabi with explanations - A   
    Syllabi with explanations - B   
    Syllabi with explanations - C  

Section 4
    Syllabi with explanations (As much as possible with the textbook only)


Exam 3
8-10 AM
August 26

Section 5
   Syllabi with explanations Done!!

Section 6
   Syllabi with explanations--Basic Endocrine Concepts  Done!! 
Hormone Comparison Chart  
   Syllabi with explanations--Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axes Not Done
   Syllabi with explanations--Endocrine Control of Metabolism 1/4 Done
   Syllabi with explanations--Thyroid Hormones Half Done 
   Syllabi with explanations--Calcium-Regulating Hormones Done!!
   Syllabi with explanations--Adrenal Cortex Nearly Complete

   Excellent Hormone Comparison Table  

Dr. Podolin's Endocrine Exam Questions 
   Question 1  Done!!
   Question 2  Done!! 
   Question 3  Done!!
   Question 4  Done!!
   Question 5  Done!!

Exam 4
10-12 AM
August 26

Comprehensive Of Everything Above!!


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