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Pharmacology I
Section II
Fall 1999

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Dr. Davidoff's Interesting Pharmacology Websites  

Cardiovascular Section  
    Cardiovascular Drugs A to I  BIG Drug Information Table
    Cardiovascular Drugs L to Z  BIG Drug Information Table

    Antihypertensive Drugs Objectives  Finished
    Angina & Antianginal Drugs Objectives  Finished  
    Congestive Heart Failure Drugs Objectives  Finished  
    Arrhythmias & Antiarrythmic Drugs Objectives   Finished  

    Exam Questions Some of them are not answered well
        Question #1 Answers  Finished   
        Question #2 Answers  Finished  
        Question #3 Answers  Finished  
        Question #4 Answers  Finished  
        Question #5 Answers  Finished   

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