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Fall 1999
A few neat websites
Amy J. Davidoff, Ph.D


Doctor’s Guide to the Internet
Provides many different links to clinically relevant sites. Latest breaking information on treatment and new drugs. May require registration, but it is free  
        The latest medical news and information for patients or friends/parents of patients diagnosed with diabetes and diabetes-related disorders.

Physician’s Guide to the Internet
(I haven’t used this one much) 

Pharmaceutical Information 

Provides clinically relevant topics in a number of disciplines. Requires registration, but it is free. Provides CME credits 

Outcomes based research
Grants ,etc… 


Internet medical education 

Virtual Hospital 

Cardiology Web Sites That Can't Be Beat
Author: Stephen E. Smith, PA-C, Medscape, Inc., NY. 

Pediatric cardiology 

Cardiovascular cases 

Medscape Cardiology
(requires signing up – free) 

Medical Pharmacology
(this looks really good, but I have only previewed the introductory pages and cardiovascular pages) 

Internet Self-Assessment Pharmacology (ISAP)
(need to register, but it free) 

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