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Physiology II
Glomerular Filtration and Renal Blood Flow

(Ch. 3, Koeppen and Stanton)

After reading the handout, the following is expected of you:

Understand what ultrafiltration is, what the ultrafiltrate is, the basic anatomy of the glomerular capillaries, and what the major determinants of the ultrafiltrate are.

Have some understanding of the dynamics of ultrafiltration, including knowledge of how Bowmanís space and glomerular capillary oncotic and hydrostatic pressures work for and against the formation of the ultrafiltrate, and what the approximate net ultrafiltration pressure is in humans.

Have some idea of what constricting or dilating the afferent or efferent arteriole in Bowmanís capsule will be on the RBF and therefore GFR (figure 3-11 on page 5 of my handout gives an illustration of this).

Understand how to calculate a "filtered load", and how to estimate the GFR by measuring the clearance of plasma creatinine.


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