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MNA 2001
Communication Center

We now have a good way to communicate.  I've set up a site that gives us the ability to do email lists, chatting, taking polls, calendars etc.  I'm using a company called  The link to our site is

You will need to Subscribe (register) before you can use it (it is free).  You can go to our site with the above link to subscribe.  There is at least 2 links on that will send you to HERE to subscribe.  I will have to accept your subscription (This will make it so only MNA2001 classmates can use the system).  It will inform me that you are subscribing and then I will have to accept you.  That should be done within 24 hours after you registering.  I'm convinced that this will REALLY enhance our communication with each other while we are in clinicals.

Once you are signed up, you can post an email message to EVERYONE that is signed up by just sending one email message to  That sure makes it more simple to keep in contact with each other.


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